‘The Longest Five Minutes’ Coming Westward in 2017

While also descriptive of undergoing a vasectomy with no anesthetic, The Longest Five Minutes is actually a Japanese adventure game that is meeting acclaim over there. Basically, the game from Nippon Ichi Software and SYUPRO-DX puts players in control of the hero at the final battle with the baddie, known only as the Overlord. As is wont to happen, the hero has lost all of his memories immediately before the engagement. The battle, which itself lasts five minutes, rolls on, and memories are returned through actions and trigger words. The game itself takes place in these flashbacks.

What is interesting to me about this game is that the plot is taking tropes that have been run into the ground, dug up, repaired, given flight, and run into the ground again, and breathed fresh life into them. Amnesia has been way overplayed as a plot mechanic, but this time it’s not used as a crutch to help players learn about the world. The time for that has passed. This isn’t about learning what happened to fight the boss. It is about fighting the boss to learn what happened.

Additionally, though is looks like an RPG, this is an adventure game. The regained memories will affect the story and point of view the player has of the battle as it progresses. There are hints of twists and subversions of rote expectations to be experienced. Western audiences can expect to get their hands on this Vita and Steam title next year. In the meantime, check out the teaser below.