The Medium Introduces Us To Key Characters in New Trailer

In the past few years, Bloober Team has become known for dabbling in a variety of horror games such as Observer and the Layers of Fear games, taking us into worlds made of creepy cyberpunk dystopias and the realms of insane artists. But their upcoming game The Medium may see them working with their most unique and mysterious world yet…well, worlds, plural. A new story trailer for the game, “It Came From the Rage,” sees our psychic heroine Marianne exploring the game’s two worlds at the same time, and gives us a look at two key characters.

The first character we’re introduced to is Sadness, a masked girl residing in the more hellish version of the abandoned Niwa Hotel. Befitting this world and its appearance, not only is Sadness also missing an arm, but it looks like it was actually torn off…and then we get to meet The Maw, the beast that may have actually done the deed. Huge, lumbering, seemingly devil-like, and it even seemingly makes an impact in the more regular world as well. Definitely not the type of charming character Troy Baker usually plays. The Medium is due for a Holiday 2020 releases, headed to Xbox Series X and PC.

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