The Medium Reveals Top Talent, First Behind the Scenes Video

With Halo Infinite having been delayed to 2021, it could be quite possible that Bloober Team’s upcoming horror game The Medium actually ends up being the standout title for the Xbox Series X launch, even with a simultaneous PC release. This will be the developer’s biggest and most ambitious project in general, and now they’re bringing in some notable veterans to help out as well. Legendary composer Akira Yamaoka and singer Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, best known for their work with the Silent Hill games, will be contributing to the game’s soundtrack. On top of that, prominent voice actor Troy Baker (himself a Silent Hill veteran from Book of Memories, which also featured Yamaoka and McGlynn) will star as the game’s main spirit world entity and antagonist, The Maw.

In addition to the news of this collaboration, Bloober has also released the first episode of a Behind the Scenes series for The Medium, which you can check out below. This episodes discusses the game’s themes, inspirations, and the story, which sees our protagonist Marianne living simultaneously in both the real world and the spirit world. Appropriately for a game with a hook like being able to play in two different worlds at the same time, one of the central themes is dualism and different points of view, with players being able to experience different events in different ways. It’s certainly interesting stuff, and as a bonus, we get a sample of Baker’s performance at the end. And for another sneak peek, Akira Yamaoka’s first track from the game is available to download for free on Steam right now. The Medium is set for a release on XSX and PC this holiday season, where as mentioned, it’ll be a part of the former platform’s launch.