The Next Penelope’s Next Trailer

The Next Penelope is coming to Steam Early Access on January 22, but why let a date over a week in the future get in the way of releasing that event’s trailer now?  This is The Next Penelope, not the Sit Around And Wait Penelope (oh, the irony!), and it will look awesome any time it wants to.  The video explains the details of gameplay, from the obvious to the unexpected, and there’s a fair amount of detail amidst the fast racing and flashy explosions.

The Next Penelope is a science fiction racer based on The Odyssey that plays like a mutant love child born from F-Zero and Micro Machines, but with several different modes to mix things up.  The video explicitly states that standard racing only accounts for a third of the action, in fact, with boss encounters and other assorted challenged making up the additional content.  There’s even a few seconds of side-scrolling shooter in there, because shooters make everything better.  The Next Penelope is looking more amazing with every new showing, and its Early Access release can’t come soon enough.