The Nightmare Begins Anew, Catherine: Full Body is Here

Vincent Price is having a bad week..again. Not only have the nightmares returned, but they’re somehow even more terrifying and crazy than they were the first time around. Once again, he’s gotta climb if he wants to survive, and he’ll hopefully learn his lesson for good upon reaching the top. That is…if he makes it at all.

Catherine: Full Body launches today and it’s packing an even more well-rounded experience than the original. Each block-puzzle stage can be played either in classic or the more mind-bending remix mode; each story path has new cutscenes and outcomes to uncover, and the brand-new character Rin shakes things up completely for those who choose to follow her path. It’s not a remake, but it’s pretty close.

Catherine: Full Body is available now on PlayStation 4. Check out our full-bodied review for a complete breakdown on what’s new in this game, what’s good about it and what’s holding it back.