The Odd Gentlemen Confirm a July 15 Release Date For Wayward Manor

The Odd Gentlemen (the game company, not the strange group of guys you always see sitting in the back of the bus) have been decidedly odd about the release date for Wayward Manor, pushing it back and then going mum on the whole thing for a while. They say that the delay was used to put a final coat of polish on the game to make everything as spooky as possible, and confirmed on their website that the game would be getting a July 15 release date on Steam and the Humble Store. The game is currently available over at the Humble Store for $9.99, with the added benefit that 10% of all proceeds do go to charity if you purchase it there.

If the idea of helping charity doesn’t do much to motivate you because you are a cold hearted monster, Wayward Manor looks awesome enough on its own to interest even the most penny pinching of curmudgeons. You play as a ghost doing ghost things and haunting the current residents of your former house, solving puzzles and trying to figure out the specifics about how you died along the way. Oh, and did we mention the game was written by Neil Gaiman? We’ll understand if you leave now to go running over to the Humble Store to snag yourself a copy.