The Outer Worlds’ Second Expansion to Release Before April

A little bit of good news for fans of The Outer Worlds — Obsidian’s 2019 RPG that bowled many over with its fantastic writing, characters, world-building and general satirical antics amidst the corporate-dominated Halcyon system. The game’s second of two planned expansion, Take Two have confirmed, is planned to release before the end of the company’s fiscal year, which ends at the start of April. Not much is known about the premise of the upcoming expansion other than its name: Murder on Eridanos.

Take Two — the parent company of The Outer Worlds’ publisher, Private Division — confirm that the expansion will, much like last year’s Peril on Gorgon, similarly be made available across PS4, Xbox One & PC with a Switch version following sometime later in 2021. Peril on Gorgon’s own Switch version releases tomorrow. If the previous expansion is anything to go by, fans should look forward to seeing how Obsidian wrap up development on everything The Outer Worlds-related; Gorgon, though not really changing much so far as design, still providing an entertaining-enough tale without overstaying its welcome.