The Outer Worlds’ Switch Version Rescheduled for June

Obsidian Entertainment have today finally provided a new release date for the Switch version of last year’s acclaimed space-faring RPG, The Outer Worlds. After the port was originally scheduled to release this month, the game’s publisher Private Division announced that it would be delayed due to, you guessed it, the Coronavirus. The silver lining to this news, being that the game would also be made available physically on an actual game cartridge, having previously been restricted to digital download only regardless of which version you bought.

Though the game will maintain the choice of retail and digital copies to choose from, Obsidian do state that, regardless of version, the game will require a 6GB day one patch so as to, as is described, “optimise gameplay, provide additional hi-res textures, and include other fixes”. The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch, will release on June 5. If you want some more insight onto why Obsidian’s latest is one to check out, be sure to read up on our review here.