The Outlast Trials Closed Beta to Commence on October 28

Outlast fans will soon be getting their first crack at The Outlast Trials. Red Barrels announced that it will be running a closed beta for series’ newest entry from October 28 to November 1 and that fans can expect to get more details about what exactly to expect pretty soon. The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer which, while still not showing gameplay, should at least give viewers a feel for the game’s atmosphere. Have a look at it below.

For now, Red Barrels is keeping very quiet about what kind of game The Outlast Trials actually is mechanically. However, there are minor clues embedded in the game’s description on its Steam page and in the fact that there’s a closed beta being held in the first place. First, a closed beta implies that this will be some sort of multiplayer game.

This could mean that it’s going to be some sort of team-based multiplayer game, but the Steam page description says players will be taking on the Outlast experience “with friends” and hints that working together might just lead to survival. With this in mind, The Outlast Trials could even turn out to be a purely co-op experience. Both possibilities certainly have potential, so fans will likely win either way once Red Barrels finally provides more concrete information.

The Outlast Trials is currently only confirmed for an eventual PC release.