The Queen and the Sea Hits Dead Cells with a Massive Update Early Next Year

Dead Cells only just got its “Everyone is Here” DLC a couple of days ago, yet Motion Twin and Evil Empire have already reveled the game’s first big update for 2022. This next paid DLC is called “The Queen and the Sea,” and it’ll apparently shake things up in pretty significant way. How exactly will it do that? Well, check out the teaser below for a small hint.

Motion Twin hasn’t yet given much information about “The Queen and the Sea,” but they have confirmed a small handful details. First, players can expect to see two new biomes in this DLC, with one of them functioning very differently from those that’ve come before.

Those that make it through that new challenge will also have the chance to take on a new final boss: The Queen. Defeating her means unlocking a new ending, but that’s apparently not going to be an easy feat. Motion Twin also said that this is going to be “the most generous content update yet,” so fans should probably expect to hear about more incoming content soon.

Dead Cells is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. The Queen and the Sea update will be hitting the game sometime in Q1 2022.