The Quiet Man Breaks Some Silence With New Details and Trailer

Square Enix has remained…well, quiet about The Quiet Man ever since its mysterious unveiling at E3 earlier. Today, though, they unveiled a new trailer with some gameplay alongside a few key plot details. Naturally, you can check out the trailer below, although expect things to still seem a bit surreal at first. There’s also a notable mix of live-action and CGI still present, which will be a supposedly seamless part of the game.

Players take control of Dane, a deaf person attempting to rescue a kidnapped singer while traversing through a soundless world. Taking place over the course of one night, our hero will brawl with a variety of villains, eventually leading to the masked man behind things. The game can be completed in a single sitting, and will be a digital-only title with a smaller price tag. No release date has been revealed yet, but expect more information on The Quiet Man leading up to its release for PS4 and PC.