The Shrouded Isle Heads to The Switch On January 17

There definitely seem to be a lot of notable indie games revolving around cults either in the works or having been released, but one that got us to exclaim “Who knew being the High Priest of a sacrificial cult could be so fun?” was The Shrouded Isle, first released for the PC in 2017. Like a lot of prominent indie games, a Switch port of the game was announced, as seen in the trailer below from last year. And now finally, said port is now ready for a release. Sooner than one may expect, as it comes to the eShop next week.

The Shrouded Isle sees players managing a sacrificial cult, where they have to select someone to sacrifice every season. The end is coming with Charnobog’s return, after all, and your cult needs to build up their faith. Choose correctly, though, and try to match Charnobog’s demands as best as possible, lest you fail. It’s a simple yet fun game that just happens to involve several deaths in the name of a Slavic god, and arrives on January 17 for the Switch. So enjoy!