The Steam Game Festival Returns in June With Summer Edition

A month ago, Geoff Keighley teamed up with several developers and publishers to bring us the Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition, a series of demos to help promote various indie titles that were originally set to appear at GDC 2020 before its cancellation due to COVID-19. Back then, we noted that “Who knows, if all goes well, hopefully a Summer Edition will be created to fill the void left by E3 this year.” Well, lo and behold, Keighley, Valve and more have not only announced the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, but have done so well in advance, and are already planning for it and taking submissions.

For those wishing to have a game of theirs shown off during this event, they can register right over here. There are rules, though. Among them, entrants must have a Steamworks developer account, the game must have a targeted release date before Summer 2021, and a Steam store page is needed. Of course, alongside demos, developers can engage in live events as well, such as livestreams and Q and A sessions. Prospective developers have until April 24 to submit any games they wish to showcase, and until May 15 to have a playable demo ready to go, making sure that everything is in tip-top shape well in advance. The previous festivals have been quite exciting and have showcased several great games, so this should definitely be something to look forward to.

But there’s actually one more twist to get excited for, as it appears the festival may be branching beyond the “Steam” part.

Yes, as mentioned by Keighley in his tweet, the Game Festival will now be expanding to other platforms. After all, events like E3 don’t just stick to PC gaming alone. It’s unknown if the Summer Edition will include this expansion to multiple platforms, so we’ll have to wait until further details come in. It would be quite amazing to include consoles as well, but even on its own, the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition sounds quite impressive. Appropriately, it kicks off when E3 2020 would have – June 9 – and lasts until June 14, so keep your calendars marked.

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