The Stillness of the Wind Announced for Nintendo Switch, iOS

Fellow Traveller and Memory of God have announced that The Stillness of the Wind will be coming to Nintendo Switch and iOS devices.

The indie title about “life and loss,” which is the follow-up to the developer’s Where the Goats Are, was first revealed in April and initially slated for release on PC and macOS in 2018.

According to the publisher, the title will now launch on February 7 for Switch, iOS, PC and macOS. It will retail at $12.99 for PC, macOS and Switch, while the iOS version has been priced at $4.99.

Players take control of the farmer Talma, who runs a remote homestead in a village that has slowly started to fade away. They must build a routine for The Stillness of the Wind’s protagonist, whether it’s through collecting eggs, cooking meals, growing vegetables or tending to the goats.

Talma’s items can be traded with a traveling merchant — the only human interaction the character has — who also brings “increasingly disturbing letters from your family in the city.”

“Nostalgia, a sense of loss and home, are the main themes running throughout the narrative of the game,” says Coyan Cardenas, the developer and founder of Memory of God.

“It’s my hope that players develop a meta-nostalgia for how things were — a kind of literal manifestation of ‘golden memories.’

“For me, The Stillness of the Wind is about developing a more connected sense of ourselves.”

Chris Wright, the founder and managing director of Fellow Traveller, added: “The Stillness of the Wind embodies Fellow Traveller’s principles of exploring what narrative games can be.

“This simple, aesthetically beautiful game gives total control to the player to create their own tale of Talma.”

In other news, Fellow Traveller announced that it had rebranded from Surprise Attack Games, saying that it had moved its focus to fund, support and publish narrative-driven titles.

Fellow Traveller will also be publishing Genesis Noir, Blind, In Other Waters and Neo Cab.

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