The Survivalists Launches with New Trailer

Living the island life sounds like a tropical vacation in paradise but for The Survivalists it’s quite the opposite. The Team17 title is available now and if you think you’re cut out for the rough and wild lifestyle, give it a try.

In this game you have to make the most of what you’ve got and what the island provides. Trek through jungles for resources to build shelter and craft tool. Explore ancient ruins for treasure and weapons or make the journey across open waters for more adventures. Though, be careful for dangerous creatures and traps that could spell your doom. Luckily, you won’t be alone as you can befriend monkeys to lend a hand; plus there are ways to play online with others.

Tragedy will surely strike if you are not careful, don’t let your guard down. Get through the perils and dangers in one piece so you can call yourself The Survivalist. Check out the launch trailer below and download the game now for Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Apple Arcade.