The Wandering Village Strolls Onto Kickstarter

If there’s one thing villages are known for it’s staying put.  The mapping industry would be a nightmare if towns, settlements, cities, and other urban gatherings didn’t stay put, but sometimes community survival involves being elsewhere.  While sticking a small house on wheels and doing the whole Romani thing is certainly one way to do it, there are other ways.  When the people of a currently-unnamed world see their lands fall to toxic spores they take up residence on the back on Onbu, a truly massive creature with a wide, flat back.  It’s the perfect place to set up a new home, seeing as Onbu is fairly peaceful, but there’s the side-effect of never quite knowing where the next day will end up.  It’s a big and dying world so Onbu needs to keep moving, and sometimes the environments it ends up in are far less friendly to life than the villagers would hope.  Building and expanding the town on the giant’s back will require a constant shift in objectives, and also slowly becoming friends with Onbu to make the relationship more symbiotic than parasitic.

The Wandering Village launched on Kickstarter earlier today and is already well within reach of its first funding goal. The game is by Stray Fawn Studio, whose last campaign for Nimbatus delivered in full, and it’s about as different a look and genre as possible.  The campaign admits up front that its influences are Hayao Miyazaki and Moebius, and their impact on design shines through in both the concept and early in-game art.  The reveal trailer is below and well worth a look, and the campaign has more details as well.  It’s a great concept in a fascinating world, so head on over to see a village go for a stroll across the world.

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