The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Adds HDR Support for PS4 Systems

CD Project Red has finally added HDR support to PS4 and PS4 Pro systems.

CD Projekt Red added PS4 Pro support for The Wither 3: Wild Hunt all the way back in June 2017, and Xbox One X support was added back in December. While the Xbox One X patch included HDR support, the PS4 Pro patch did not with the developer promising HDR support would come at a later date. Now, months later, CD Projekt Red have fulfilled that promise.

The developer today announced that a new patch has gone live for the PS4 version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that adds HDR support along with stability improvements and other fixes.

HDR is supported across all PS4 models. All players need to use it is an HDR-compatible TV. To take advantage of the enhanced resolution provided by the 4K mode, however, players will need to own a PS4 Pro system.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.