The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 is Now Coming in 2019

Today, Telltale Games announced that The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 is now set to launch sometime in 2019, rather than the previous release window of late 2018. The developer cited multiple reasons for the delay, the prime cause being “a few fundamental changes here at TellTale since we announced the game last summer.” They went on to say that they’re always looking for new ways to tell their stories and that they plan on using the next few months to “craft something truly special.”

TellTale Games first rose to prominence in 2012 thanks to their then-landmark work with The Walking Dead: Season One and The Wolf Among Us: Season One. The studio has been consistently turning out good work ever since, but it seems their format is considered by many to be in danger of going stale. Hopefully TellTale will be able to use the coming months to change things up and show their fans that they’re still working towards evolving the modern adventure game genre.