The Wrestling Code Gets Official ProWrestlingTees Store

Virtual Basement first rose to prominence thanks to Mean Greens – a really-fun online shooter using the classic green Army men motif to craft something that fit the theme, but also delivered a really good time with either keyboard/mouse or controller playback. They announced The Wrestling Code over a year ago and have been signing up talent without using a traditional wrestling promotion license – enabling talent from many different companies to be a part of the game. AEW talent like Brian Cage and Matt Sydal are signed alongside Ring of Honor talent like the Beer City Bruiser and legendary free agents like Rob Van Dam,Ken Shamrock, and Kurt Angle.

Today, the team put their first t-shirt on sale via ProWrestlingTees – a shot of the game’s logo adorns the shirt alongside the Winged Eagle WWF Title-esque belt that has become a trademark of the game itself. There hasn’t been a ton of in-game action shown off yet, but the character models showcased with the video shown so far look promising. We’ll be keeping a close eye on The Wrestling Code as more information is released, as this is setting up to be an incredible era for pro wrestling games with Fire Pro Wrestling back in a major way, AEW’s game coming out, Action Arcade Wrestling getting a wider console release, Wrestle Sin, The Wrestling Code, and WWE 2K22 all set to do their own thing.