The Year of Luigi Ends, Miyamoto takes to Miiverse to Say Farewell to It

As of a few days ago, March 18 to be exact, the Year of Luigi has come to a close. In that 12 months, Nintendo focused their efforts on the green plumber, giving us a slew of great Luigi-themed titles and merchandise. To commemorate the event, Shigeru Miyamoto took to Miiverse to offer an official goodbye. In his post, he said the following:

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your warm comments for Luigi!

We selected a few of the comments and placed them on our website. Just select the internet browser icon or the link at the end of this post to go to the page and have a look!
Well, ahem…now, without further ado…

I hereby declare the Year of Luigi closed!

Thank you all so very much for your kind support over the course of the year!

Even though the Year of Luigi has come to a close, I hope you will continue to cheer on Luigi. Thank you!

It’s somewhat sad to know that the focus on Luigi has come to an end, but here’s hoping the Big N starts to make this kind of event a thing.