This Month’s PSN Flash Sale Is All About Showing The Action

Another month and it’s time for another Playstation Store Flash Sale. Expecting it to tie in to this weekend’s PAX East turned out to be a lost bet on my part. Instead, this month’s them is “Action.” As Beyond: Two Souls and L.A. Noire is included in this one, the term appears to be loosely defined.

My personal pick of the lot is Mediatonic’s Foul Play. This stylish beat ’em up takes place entirely on a stage. The health mechanic is tied to keeping the audience entertained. Taking a few hits is not a big deal as long as the player can dish out an exciting and varied juggle. With a fun counter system, amusing story, and an all around unique wrapper pulling it all together, this is a woefully underrated game that is well worth the four dollar sale price for Vita and Playstation 4. Plus, it has honest to goodness couch co-op.

Anyhow, have fun and try not to go broke.

Foul Play