Three New ARMS Characters and Stages Revealed

During the latest Nintendo Direct, ARMS was the main focus. While fans have already been enjoying the colorful cast of characters, a couple more have officially been added to the fray.

First up are a pair of robots named Byte and Barq. They are a team of police officers ready to take down wrongdoers. Byte appears to be modeled after a British constable hence the shaped headgear and is accompanied by Barq, a watchdog sidekick. Barq runs around the stage doing whatever it wants while Byte can use him for an extra jump. This dynamic duo will surely put you in your place! Along with the characters came a tropical resort location called Buster Beach that has a raise barrier in the middle. This will make it hard to get up close and definitely a long reach stage.

Twintelle looks to be very lovely and is actually very different from other competitors. She is a movie star who’s getting into the competitive spirit. Her actual arms are human-like which is odd for a fighter. She actually uses her hair to whip opponents around. This may give her quite the advantage as she has her hands free to stun her opponents in place. Using hair as fighting tools is a great idea to make this roster more diverse. Twintelle is brawling at a red carpet event called Cinema Deux. There are plenty of limousines around to jump from.

The last character shown off is called Kid Cobra. He has snake-like arms that should allow him to slither right in for a knock out. He is said to be very speedy and likes to skateboard. Snakes are definitely frightening on their own but using them to punch others is downright horrific! His stage, Snake Park, involves a lot of spinning around as players get to hop on top of platforms meant for the skate park. You can fall off but that would most likely put you at a disadvantage.

With the addition of these three, the total number of fighters has reached an even ten. There is definitely room to add more since some other beings were teased in the end of the Direct. However, Nintendo may want to keep those surprises for later!