Three, Two, One Let’s Jam to the Desert Child Launch Trailer

Quite possibly the single greatest anime intro ever was for Cowboy Bepop, making it a perfect touch-point for one of the cooler indies to come along in a while.  Desert Child is a racing adventure about escaping Earth and going to Mars, eventually working your way through odd jobs until you can afford the Grand Prix entry fee.  Jobs and racing are all done on the hover-bike, shooting targets, managing boost, and trying to clear the finish line in the lead wherever it may show up.  The game is as much about the atmosphere and tone as it is the racing, with the music store being just as important to the experience as the bike repair and upgrade shops.  Every setting is infused with a sense of coolness, which the official launch trailer below plays up just right.  Give it a look below.

Bonus links-  Tank! in full, not edited down to fit the anime intro.
Second place best anime intro music ever- Susumu Hirasawa’s Dream Island Obsessional, the theme to Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent