ThroughLine Games Open to Forgotton Anne Port for Nintendo Switch

Developer ThroughLine Games has revealed that it would welcome the idea of porting the critically acclaimed Forgotton Anne to Nintendo Switch.

Speaking to Hardcore Gamer in an exclusive interview, ThroughLine CEO and Forgotton Anne creative director Alfred Nguyen revealed that a Switch version could become a reality dependent on the success of the indie platformer.

“The team and I really love the Switch, so we all hope so!” Nguyen told Hardcore Gamer. “My advice would be to continue shouting out for a Switch version and consider supporting us on one of the launch platforms to help make this a reality sooner rather than later.”

Forgotton Anne, which was announced in 2016 and published under Square Enix Collective, was released earlier this month as a digital download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Nguyen did not rule out the possibility of Forgotton Anne getting a physical release, too, only saying that ThroughLine is “looking into it.”

Forgotton Anne transports players to the Forgotten Lands and has them take control of Anne the Enforcer. As the Enforcer, Anne’s main duty is to keep peace and order in the Forgotten Lands, though an open rebellion threatens her and her master, Bonku, from returning to the human world.

Hardcore Gamer praised Forgotton Anne in our review, saying that ThroughLine’s work has “crafted one of the year’s more unique affairs when it comes to artistic design, but crucially, find the means to deliver it in a way that doesn’t become too indulgent in its own aspiration.”

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