Thunder Wolves to Howl Their Way Into Homes Second Quarter 2013

Fans of shoot ’em ups and helicopters (I know you’re out there) are in for a treat later this year as Thunder Wolves is slated to release second quarter of 2013 on the Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, PC, and anywhere else you can find a high enough concentration of testosterone. Most Wanted Entertainment and bitComposer games are behind this high octane arcade shoot ’em up that features, amongst other things, blowing up everything in sight due to the fully destroyable environments and multiplayer co-op gameplay. In co-op mode one person gets to be the gunner while the other person is relegated to chauffeuring him or her around the level, which means it should serve as a pretty good indication of who the more physically dominant friend in the pairing is. The game lets you play in one of nine different helicopters and promises a nice assortment of weapons and levels to round out the package.

The Thunder Wolves themselves are a squad of extremely talented pilots. So talented, in fact, that they’ve decided to fly only helicopters because fighter jets would make things too easy. They work for some SUPER SECRET organization that is fighting terrorists with the “best and most daring” (their words, not mine) pilots in the whole world. For some reason, the screenshots and description give off a Top Gun kind of feel, and the plot sounds so over the top that it wouldn’t surprise me if the helicopters were fueled only by their pilot’s machismo.

No word yet if there will be a beach volleyball scene or not, but I do know I’d let these guys be my wingman anytime.