Thunderful Announces SteamWorld Headhunter

If Devolver Digital and Annapurna Interactive are any indication, one of the biggest signs these days that you’ve truly become one of gaming’s most prominent publishers is when you have so many promising games coming down your pipeline that you require a full-on Direct-style presentation in order to properly showcase them all (presented by Mark Hamill, no less). Hence today’s Thunderful World event, which showed off sixteen games and included six world premieres, with the final game being one being a game that CEO Brj√°nn Sigurgeirsson said would be Thunderful’s greatest game yet. And it turned out to be the latest game in the beloved SteamWorld series, SteamWorld Headhunter.

This latest entry is described as a bold new direction for the franchise, being a third-person co-op action-adventure game. It’s also described as having a “head-popping” twist, which is hinted at in the teaser below. Sadly, the cinematic teaser is all we have right now for this internally developed title, with further details to be shared later on. But even a quick glimpse can tell you that this is definitely planned to be something ambitious that still keeps the series’ style and charm, so we can’t wait to see more of SteamWorld Headhunter in the future. For now, though, feel free to console yourself with a free copy of SteamWorld Dig 2, which was announced in celebration of this world premiere.