Timberborn Releases its Town Building Beavers to Early Access

People tend to think of the end of the world meaning the end of humanity but the planet will spin along just fine without us.  It won’t be in great shape, sure, but if the dinosaur meteor didn’t scour the place clean then it’s likely we’ll only be able to severely damage the place rather than destroy it, leaving space for a new species to do better next time.  In Timberborn it’s the beavers’ turn to rise to sentience, building new towns out of their favorite material.  Timberborn describes itself as a lumberpunk city builder, and the advantage of using trees for everything is a need to manage the land rather than simply tear things out of it.

There are two major resources necessary to keep beavers happy- wood and water.  The problem is that the Earth is a bit dry since its last sentient race, so it’s a good thing that beavers have excellent water management skills.  Build dams, blast out new riverbeds, set up waterwheels to generate power, and keep on building to keep the townsbeavers happy.  The terrain may get a little hilly but buildings can be stacked, leading to wonderfully intricate towns that work with the landscape rather than fight against it.  The towns can grow huge but it’s important to balance population with water storage because when the dry season hits the riverbeds disappear with it, requiring careful planning to keep everyone and everything irrigated.  Timberborn has a sizeable demo available from its Steam page and is well worth a play-through.

Timberborn released today into Early Access and while it doesn’t have a shiny new trailer the release-date one was repurposed to cover the launch.  Give it a watch below to prepare your inner beaver for the challenges of being the new sentient species on the planet.