Time Loader Zaps onto PCs Today

Time-twisting puzzle-platformer Time Loader launches for PCs today on all the major storefronts, and it’s bringing some serious Steins;Gate vibes with it. Once squarely back in the 90’s and cruising around in their robot body, players will have to puzzle their way through both the environment and then-present situation. Something terrible apparently happened in the past, and this robot’s inventor is out to prevent it however he can. A little meddling can’t hurt that much, right?

Well, as a matter of fact, it can. As players pop from timeline to timeline and make their choices, they’ll likely begin to notice things beginning to change. Change may indeed be what the man behind the robot wants, but then how many of the changes he’s making are actually good? Perhaps players won’t truly know until they reach the end and watch one of Time Loader’s three main endings. In the meantime, there are plenty of obstacles to clear moment to moment. This is a small and decidedly clumsy little robot, so getting it where it needs to go is probably where most of the challenge lies.

Time Loader is available for PC now via Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store.