tinyBuild Announces Cartel Tycoon, Demo Available Now

Last year, Devolver Digital gave us Weedcraft Inc., a simulation game about the struggles of dealing with marijuana cultivation and distribution, trying to create your own weed empire in an age of debates over legalization. Not to be outdone, at the PC Gaming Show today, tinyBuild and developers Moon Moose unveiled their new game, Cartel Tycoon. However, in contrast to Weecraft’s more modern setting, this drug sim is inspired more by the ’80s narco trade, with the trailer below giving us our first taste of it.

It’s a quick clip that mainly establishes the setting and atmosphere, but also give us a glimpse of the gameplay at the end. As a fictional drug lord, you’ll have to manage every bit of the empire, from creating farms and production lines to laundering money and researching new drugs, as well as finding ways to hide and transport them, among other things. It’s a game focusing on the consequences of an empire like this, though, as a kingpin can only hold out for so long. When they get taken down, you switch to one of your lieutenants, who takes over and tries to rebuild from the remains. If you want a better taste of the game, though, a free demo is now available on Steam to check out, hopefully getting players hooked before the Q4 2020 release date.