TinyBuild Announces New Survival FPS, Outpost Zero

Outpost Zero is a new multiplayer survival game where you play as an AI on a mission to colonize a new planet in preparation for human life, TinyBuild announced today on Twitter.

An open-world first person shooter with base building and automation tools, Outpost Zero will be a full on do-whatever-you-want sandbox game with a cool sci-fi aesthetic.

TinyBuild points out that there will be three main pillars to Outpost Zero: combat, base building and AI helpers. The AI Colonists are buildable and can be trained to do different things like defending your base for you or maintaining the base itself. Native creatures will attack you and your base, so defending yourself will be a big part of it. You will have to defend from roving bandits and pirates too. In an act of revenge, you can attack your enemy’s strongholds and raid them for loot. This is all done with the upgradable guns and armor, as well as your army of AI friends. The base building will have you harvesting resources, setting up mining outposts and building warehouses for all your AI buddies to live in.

If you want to see the full trailer with the gameplay and not just the cinematic part, you can check it out below. You can also sign up for the alpha here. Signing up guarantee’s you a spot, so be sure to put your name down.

Finally, anybody going to PAX South will be able to check out Outpost Zero in person this weekend.