tinyBuild Connect Reveals New Games, Release Info, More

Recently, tinyBuild held another Direct-style presentation designed to show off new reveals and updates for games that they’re publishing, and per the developer’s style, it ended up being a rather varied lot of games indeed. There were seven games featured in total, so let’s get right into all of them (make sure to click the game’s title for a trailer if they’re not present)…

Two-person studio Do My Best is teaming up with tinyBuild again for The Bookwalker, a unique tale about a thief that can actually dive into books in order to to steal legendary artifacts from them, such as Thor’s Hammer or Excalibur, in order to restore their ability to write and save their brother. Doing so requires what looks to be a unique mix of first-person gameplay in the real world and point-and-click isometric gameplay in the books, which cover a variety of genre. It certainly looks like a unique graphic adventure game, with an interesting story that makes one wonder what the “Writer Police” are…the game is planned for a PC release in 2022, with demo available on October 1st during the latest Steam Next Fest.

Coming from another two-person team, Flucky Machine, Trash Sailors is a hand-drawn sailing action game where you and up to three friends attempt to salvage whatever trash they can find in order to keep their raft afloat, picking up new upgrades as you go along and getting into some rather intense battles along the way as well. It’s set to come out later this year for PC, Switch, PS4, and XB1, with a new demo available now on Steam.

SpiderHeck is a brawler where you play as spider that wield laser swords, and we probably shouldn’t need to say much more than that to get you excited for it. Still, it looks to have good physics-based combat and nifty couch co-op for up to four players, so hopefully it should make a good debut for solo game developer Neverjam. It’s set to arrive in 2022 for all major platforms, with free access to a playable Beta right now on Steam.

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, a game whose genre is described as “adventure horror cooking simulator,” and sees you attempting to work at the titular restaurant without making Happy upset, which has rather dire consequences. The restaurant itself also seems to hide some dark secrets, which we’ll discover when developer Scythe’s horror title arrives later this year in Q4 2021 for all major platforms.

Tinykin gets a deeper look at its gameplay courtesy of developer Splashteam’s co-directors, showing off some platforming skills, Pikmin-esque puzzles to be solved with the various Tinykin, and hints at the game’s characters and story, with more to be revealed about this tale of a sci-fi traveler stranded while shrunk back on Earth. The game’s release window and platforms have also been announced, with the game currently set for a Summer 2022 release across all major platforms.

The post-apocalyptic roguelike tactics title Despot’s Game now an Early Access release date, that of October 14. Developer Konfa Games says it should spend about a year in EA, but for now, players can join the first Despot’s Game Open Championship on Steam, with prizes for the best players and streamers. As seen in the trailer, it’s the exact kind of twisted competition that our titular despot would want.

Finally, an extended gameplay demo was shown off for Hello Neighbor 2, because…well, let’s be honest, it’s nearly impossible to have a tinyBuild event now and not expect something Hello Neighbor-related. It looks like developers Eerie Guest Studios are doing their best to make this a challenging sequel, though.

So that’s what tinyBuild could share with us right now, but they have a bunch of other game on their menu currently in the works right now, plus there’s likely an ace or two up their sleeve. Stay tuned for more reveals from tinyBuild later on, along with updates for the games featured here.