TOHU Invites Players on a Quirky Adventure

Something is amiss in the fishy world of TOHU, and it’s up to a lone girl and her robot alter-ego to put it right again. Announced by the Irregular Corporation earlier today, TOHU is a new puzzle adventure game featuring dual protagonists and a rather charming art style. As “The Girl” and Cubus, players must trek across several fish planets in order to recover parts necessary to repair the “sacred engine” and restore normalcy to her odd little world.

As seen in the gameplay  walkthrough trailer above, there’s a logical solution for every puzzle “The Girl” enounters. Between her abilities and those of Cubus, players should have everything they need to make it through each strange scenario they find themselves in. The only thing is that”normal” logic may not necessarily apply, and they’ll likely have to do their best to think like a person who lives on the back of a fish.

TOHU launches for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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