Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore Will Remain Censored on Switch

One of the biggest controversies surrounding Tokyo Mirage Sessions during its Wii U release was the localization’s decision to censor some elements. This mainly included the revealing outfits on underage characters which occasionally changed story elements based on these changes. While the majority of fans were perfectly fine with this a small subset were upset to the point that they created their own patch to circumvent the localization decisions. It seems the Switch version is getting the same treatment, but there may be a caveat to those thinking they can just purchase the Japanese version that is censor free. The Japanese site states that this worldwide release will be based on the western version, seemingly implying that the changes made for the west will carry over to all region versions on Switch. As we get closer to launch we’re likely to get a definitive answer, but hopefully fans are more than willing to give this hidden gem of a Wii U title a chance regardless of changes.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore launches for Switch on January 17 next year.