Tommo Denies Breach of Contract with SNK, Plans to Continue Selling Neo Geo X

After SNK released a press release last week starting that they had terminated their license agreement with Tommo, it seemed like the end for the Neo Geo X. Tommo, however, has issued their own press release denying that their contract was breached. According to the press release, Tommo and SNK extended their agreement earlier this year until 2016.

“Tommo is still taking care of all customer service and product warranties in North America as are our master distribution partners, Success in Asia and Blaze in Europe,” said Jonathan Wan, CEO of Tommo, Inc.. “We’re continuing to sell NEOGEO X products, including the NEOGEO X GOLD System, Arcade Stick, MEGA PACK Volume 1 and Classics Volumes 1-5. The license agreement which allows Tommo to sell and market these products remains in effect.”

Tommo claims they performed all of its obligations under its license agreement with SNK, expects SNK to honor the agreement and demands that SNK retract its press release.