Total War: Three Kingdoms has been Delayed

Slated to launch less than a month away on March 7, Total War: Three Kingdoms will now launch on May 23. Developer Creative Assembly has confirmed this via a developer update on its site. The reason being that the product isn’t up to the expected standards of a Total War titles. “With Three Kingdoms, we set out to create a new level of complexity. As such, we need a little more time to make sure these systems deliver as intended and give you the Total War experience you’ve waited so patiently for.” The team didn’t comment on what specific issues they were encountering. “We’re lucky to be in a position to do the right thing for our games, and in this case it means taking the time to get everything ready for you. It’s more important to give you a game that you can enjoy to the fullest, rather than stick to a release date just because.” There are currently two more livestreams slated for February 13 and 20.