Touch Detective Series to Receive Funghi Case Files Collection in Japan

The DS was home to many weird and bizarre little titles at the time, and one such entry was Touch Detective which grew popular enough in Japan to spawn two sequels and a multitude of spin-offs. Fans in the west were only privy to the first two titles in addition to some of the mobile entries. The most popular character to come out of Touch Detective was the main character’s pet, Funghi, who often helped her along with her cases to become a detective and figure out the bizarre cases going on around her home town. These unique titles have always been a little niche in the west but Japan’s love of them is unparalleled thus making the upcoming Funghi Case Files Collection no surprise.

This upcoming title will contain the main three titles which originally released on DS and 3DS in addition to a slew of extras for players to check out. Obviously at this time there’s no revealed plans for any sort of localization, but it would be fantastic for fans both new and old if they could get their hands on one of the most underappreciated adventure games the DS had to offer.

For those who do want to pick up this exclusive Japanese release the Funghi Case FIles Collection will be available starting October 6.