Towerfall, Celeste Developer Now Called Extremely OK Games, Free Celeste DLC Out Next Week

One of 2018’s more memorable indie titles was the challenging platformer Celeste, which our review praised for its “immaculately crafted levels” and “moving story.”

Celeste was developed and published by Matt Makes Games, a small indie studio led by Matt Thorson which also created the bow and arrow-based platform fighter Towerfall. Today, Thorson shared that the aforementioned developer would now be known as Extremely OK Games, or EXOK, to better represent the team-based nature of the developer as they begin work in their new Vancouver office on their new project, codenamed EXOK1. While nothing else was revealed about that upcoming title at this time, the release date for the long-awaited free DLC for Celeste, called Chapter 9: Farewell, was announced for September 9 on all platforms except for Xbox One, where it will arrive shortly afterwards. This send-off content will feature over 100 new levels complete with new mechanics, items and over forty minutes of new music, and will be available to all players who have completed Chapter 8 of the original campaign.

Celeste is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.