Toy Soldiers, Lemmings Collide in Puzzle Adventure Tin Hearts

For those of you perhaps bowled over by last year’s delightful little platformer Tinykin — and are maybe looking for the next, equally-delightful game of its ilk — developer Rogue Sun may have what you’re looking for in their upcoming puzzle adventure Tin Hearts. Comprised of former members of the now-defunct Lionhead Studios, of Fable fame, Rogue Sun look to be combining the strategy of a game like Lemmings in what’s described as an alternate-universe, Victorian-styled trek. One involving a troupe of toy soldiers across a multitude of toy-filled puzzles.

Tasking players with manipulating and guiding said soldiers, with a little time-manipulation thrown in, Tin Hearts very much looks like it’s scratching all the same miniaturised itches that have made games like Tinykin and even Grounded immensely appealing in the past year. Tin Hearts releases across all console platforms and PC, on April 20.