Track Your Pokémon Cards with New Card Dex App

There have been a few well-made apps by fans for Pokémon players to check out important details of their Pokémon. Various PokéDex apps come in handy when seriously playing or just goofing around. An official PokéDex is coming soon strictly for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

The Card Dex app will keep track of all your Pokémon cards. Simply take a photo of the card in front of you and it will be placed in the virtual collection. It will be easier to view your collection and see which cards you own. At the moment the app is only compatible with the Pokémon Sun and Moon series including all of its expansions such as Team Up. Card Dex is available for free in Sweden and is coming soon to the rest of the world.

We are hoping the app will eventually allow older cards to be included. Also, that this makes playing Pokémon TCG Online so much easier. Time will tell but until then check out some screenshots of the app below!

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