Trackmania²: Lagoon is a Thing That’s Coming This Month

In a move that seems rather odd but welcome, Trackmania² is set to receive a new expansion later this month, dubbed Lagoon. Even though Trackmania Turbo has come out, and is actually rather good, the previous iteration in all of its various forms has built up a loyal community that didn’t take to the newest edition with the same enthusiasm. After all, Trackmania² is a game where players can go screaming a breakneck speeds down a customized track built for failure while listening to unauthorized dubstep remixes of The Simpsons theme on a custom server. That magic just can’t be replicated elsewhere.

As the title indicates, Trackmania²: Lagoon will be tropical themed filled with palm trees and crystal clear waters, adding to the existing infrastructure when it releases on Steam, Uplay, and Maniaplanet on May 23. Also added to Maniaplanet in general are some new features which, according to the informational release found on Gamasutra, will include:

  • A mesh model editor to build 3D objects directly inside the game to enrich and personalize your tracks
  • An editor to create solo campaigns, which gives other players the opportunity to enjoy your creative style
  • Free access to the cutting-edge multiplayer channel system; an open and very simple gateway to content and activities created by players

All and all, it’s a good time to be a Trackmania fan, especially one that simply hasn’t let go the version that hit the sweet spot.