Trailer for Life Is Strange Comic Book Series Shows Max, Chloe in New Story

Square Enix and Titan Comics today released a launch trailer for the first issue of the Life Is Strange comic book series.

The story takes place one year after the events of Dontnod Entertainment’s critically acclaimed 2015 title, with Max Caulfield and Chloe Price returning back to Arcadia Bay, Oregon.

In March, the Life Is Strange publisher announced that it would collaborate with Titan Comics on a four-part miniseries for its franchise.

British artist Emma Vieceli, who’s previously worked on series such as Back to the Future and Doctor Who, will be writing the comic. Meanwhile, Claudia Leonardi has been in charge of the interior artwork and Andrea Izzo has worked on the colors.

Life Is Strange issue one will be available both digitally and physically on November 14.

Dontnod’s award-winning title was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and iOS and Android devices.

Life Is Strange has players step into the shoes of Max, who returns to her hometown of Arcadia Bay and discovers that she can rewind time.

Its sequel, Life Is Strange 2, made its debut with Episode 1: Roads last month. Hardcore Gamer lauded the French developer’s work on the first episode.

“Despite the absence of Max and Chloe, Sean and Daniel rise to the occasion and create a lasting impression by the end of the opener,” reads an extract from our review.

“Players will feel invested in their relationship and experience a touching narrative that will captivate them from start to finish. Episode 1: Roads is undoubtedly the best opener in episodic gaming to date and also Dontnod’s finest hour with the Life Is Strange series so far.”

In other news, Dontnod provided an important update for the second episode in the title.

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