Trails of Cold Steel II for PS4 Releasing This June

With the first iteration in Nihon Falcom’s lauded and much-celebrated Legend of Heroes sub-series of JRPG’s, landing on PS4 for western audiences just over a month ago, XSEED have today confirmed that the follow-up, Trails of Cold Steel II, is not too far away. The game will arrive first in North America for PS4, on June 4 with Europe getting it a few days later on June 7.

In similar fashion to the game’s original release on Vita and even its subsequent PC port, players will be able to transfer save data from the first game over to Trails of Cold Steel II — choices and decisions made in the first game carrying over and having an effect on how certain scenarios in the sequel, play out. Much like the first entry, Trails of Cold Steel II has already proven itself to be another fantastic entry for the JRPG genre. Providing you’ve already caught up with the original — or are willing to invest a large chunk of time in getting caught up — Trails of Cold Steel II is certainly not one to miss. A third entry and, hopefully, the sub-series’ closer via its fourth and final title, looming on the horizon too.

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