Trails of Cold Steel IV Releasing This October for PS4

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV is almost upon us. The fourth and final entry in Nihon Falcom’s latest and grandest tetralogy of JPRG’s, has itself a release date. The game will launch first on PS4, on October 27 for both North America and Europe — the iterations for both PC & Switch remain tied to an unknown date next year.

As has been the case with past news, the latest gameplay trailer below — debuting during today’s earlier New Game+ Expo presentation — doesn’t hold back in providing a premise for where the game kicks off. As such, expect major story spoilers who haven’t yet beaten the third instalment. You can also expect the fourth instalment in the Cold Steel sub-series (or Erebonia arc as it’s commonly referred to) to boast one of the more larger ensemble cast of characters, with protagonists/parties from both the Trails in the Sky trilogy (Liberl arc), and the two Crossbell arc games, Trails from Zero and Trails of Azure.