Train Puzzler Railbound Pulls Into the Switch Station

Ever since its grand debut, the Nintendo Switch has tended to become the preferred platform for certain genres. Retro platformers, arcade-style action games, unique puzzle titles, and whatnot. That last category is where Polish developers Afterburn come in, having previously released puzzle games such as Golf Peaks and inbento on the platform. And now, after its initial launch three months ago for the PC and mobile devices, their new train-based puzzler Railbound has arrived for the Switch courtesy of a publishing assistance from 7Levels, allowing Nintendo fans to check out what could be one of the year’s finest in the genre.

Like a lot of the best puzzle games, Railbound begins with a simple concept: Arrange a set of railroad tracks given to you so that a series of cars get connected to a locomotive in the right order. Of course, as the game progresses, multiple twists and turns arise in different ways, which should provide a good challenge for those seeking a particular meaty puzzler. So far Railbound is getting a rather warm reception on the Switch, so if you’re in the mood for something cerebral yet cozy, make sure to check it out now.