Travel to the Isle of Bigsnax in Free Bugsnax Update Next Year

Last year, Octodad developer Young Horses launched Bugsnax, a charming and bizarre adventure game where players set out to discover the mystery of the titular food-shaped creatures.

During today’s State of Play, the indie studio announced a “big” free update for Bugsnax called The Isle of Bigsnax, which can be seen in the trailer below. In addition to the new biome, the update will feature a dozen new (and larger) Bugsnax, thirty quests and over 100 challenges featuring several returning characters, plus the ability to customize your own living space with nearly 200 items.

The Isle of Bigsnax is set to arrive in Bugsnax in early 2022 on PS5, PC and PS4. For more on Bugsnax, be sure to check out our review.