Traverse Worlds Inside Worlds With New Puzzle Adventure Cocoon

When you hear about Annapurna Interactive teaming up with someone like Jeppe Carlsen, the lead gameplay design of title like Limbo and Inside, what type of game would you expect? Something dark, creepy, and atmospheric? Think again. At today’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, the new game from Jeppe’s new development studio Geometric Interactive (co-founded with Jakob Schmid) was unveiled, going by the name of Cocoon. And as you can see with the reveal trailer below, it’s quite the surreal, enigmatic, and beautiful beast so far.

Cocoon is a puzzle adventure, one that sees you playing as what appears to be a buglike creature tasked with solving a cosmic mystery. And doing so requires the use of special orbs that not only have their own unique abilities that help in getting around, but that also each contain their own world, ones filled with different alien machinery and secrets. And so we wind up with a world-leaping adventure focused on exploring strange alien worlds…and battling the huge guardians that guard these worlds, as seen at the end. Cocoon comes out in 2023 for Xbox platforms (and will arrive on Game Pass), PC, and Switch, and looks to hopefully be a rather captivating puzzler.