Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Shows Off Golden Dragon GP

As seen earlier this week with Life is Destroy, Grasshopper Manufacture are counting down to the release of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes with a series of trailers showing the games within the game, courtesy of Travis Touchdown’s Death Drive MK II console. Both him and rival assassin Badman get sucked into the console, and have to fight through six of its games. These games represent a variety of different genres, and now we venture into racing territory, as seen below in Golden Dragon GP.

Featuring graphics that wouldn’t feel out of place in Tron or on a more advanced Vectrex, this stage sees Travis having to properly manipulate his four-wheeled vehicle to reach top speed. Alongside this, though, we still have the insane top-down action that fans crave. We also get to see this stage’s boss, Smoking King, who attacks with…well, the name should be a giveaway. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes hits the Switch on January 18, when you can experience all of its quirky fictional games.