Trek to Yomi’s New Story Trailer Promises an Epic Samurai Journey

Flying Wild Hog have a very busy 2022 ahead of them, even after the release of Shadow Warrior 3. Heck, that isn’t even their only release with Devolver Digital this year, as we still have Trek to Yomi to look forward to. The cinematic and monochromatic side-scrolling samurai adventure is set to come out soon, and a new story trailer for the game has been dropped recently, giving us a greater look at this swordsman’s tale, as seen below.

Created in assistance with director/writer Leonard Menchiari, the story here centers around Hiroki, a young swordsman bound to protect his town and its from anyone who may threaten it. Unfortunately, that’s a bit hard to to do when the village appears to be burning to the ground and Hiroki seems to die after being stabbed in the chest. But it seems even death can’t stop them, as this leads to an even more fantastical journey, one that sees them battling a rather unique blend of foes across an equally unique blend of environments, deciding the path they’ll eventually take along the way. Trek to Yomi comes out this Spring for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms, and should be one for actions fans, Kurosawa fans, or hopefully fans of any game.