Trials of Mana Update Brings Updates, Discounts

It was 25 years ago that Trials of Mana, aka  Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan, was release for the Super Famicom. To celebrate the occasion, Square Enix released a new patch for the game adding new challenges and quality of life improvements. Perhaps the most exciting of these additions is the new “No Future” difficulty, which makes bosses more difficult, puts limits on certain abilities, adds timers to boss encounters and  adds new chain abilities. Players can also gather stronger versions of equipment, but it’s still likely to be a real struggle to make it all the way through to the end. The prize for this accomplishment: the “rabbit slippers,” which allow players to cross fields and dungeons without dealing with enemy encounters.

A couple of changes have been made to Trials of Mana’s new game plus mode as well. First, players can now select the expert difficulty setting when starting a new game plus run. They also have the option to reset their characters back to level one for an extra bit of challenge. Besides these new difficulty options, players can now access costumes when either resetting a character’s class or when starting new game plus. Goddess statues have  also been added to the map, and several bugs have been patched as part of the update.

From October 14 to November 2, Trials of Mana is available at a thirty percent discount on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Secret of Mana is also half-price on PS4 and Steam, and Collection of Mana can be obtained for half-off on Switch. Unfamiliar with this game, then please make sure to read our review. It’s got all the necessary info to get started on the right foot.