Tribes: Ascend’s First Major Patch in Two Years is Almost Here

Hi-Rez Studios has detailed preliminary patch notes for Tribes: Ascend version 1.1, which will reportedly make its way to public test servers “on or before September 14.”

The patch notes detail all sorts of excellent upcoming changes to the game—everything from additional content like a new capture-the-flag map to weapon balancing to big changes to the character classes. You can read the full set of patch notes here, but the developer cautions that they are “just the early changes and do not represent the entirety of the actual patch we will bring to live,” so more changes are on the way as well.

Hi-Rez Studios’ 2012 game Tribes: Ascend was a fantastic return to form for the series, a beautiful mix of acrobatic jetpacks and classic arena-style first-person shooting all with modern (but tasteful) free-to-play dressings. So it was a bummer when the patches and content dried up after about a year. Hi-Rez Studios since went on to make a MOBA game called Smite, which has proved financially successful enough that the developer can afford to revisit its previous game.